My poster and panel presentations at NYCWiC all turned out well. I got good feedback and questions during the poster session and it was great to practice my “elevator pitch”.  The graduate school and career path panels were also very positive.  I enjoyed talking with my co-presenters and we got great questions and comments from […]

In the Fall of 2011, I had just returned to RIT full time and was just starting to get my feet wet in terms of research, academia, etc.  I had left a decent full-time software engineering position for what I thought would be a one year hiatus to regroup and refocus my career.  I enjoyed […]

Well, like any good software developer/engineer, I feel like a new project hasn’t officially begun until there’s a “hello world”.  I know it’s trite, but it’s better than some other corny title. So the main objective of this blog is for my own personal use tracking and organizing my M.S. and Ph.D. research activities.  Up […]