Progress Well, I’m six weeks into a 16 week semester. It feels a bit odd to not be rapidly heading towards finals/final projects, but also a relief. It’s nice, in graduate classes, to have time to really absorb and think about the material. That said, the nickel and dime pace of things is also distracting. […]

Well, since my last post at the end of my last Spring “quarter” at RIT, a lot has changed. Unfortunately, less of those changes have to do with research than I’d like. Over the summer, I did conduct a number of one hour interviews with Principal Investigators on various projects here at RIT. The insight […]

Well, Year 1 of my PhD career has come to a close. I passed Research Potential Assessment (RPA, our version of 1st year quals) with a few recommendations from the faculty and assessment committee (none unexpected), presented at the SECSE workshop, attended ICSE 2013, and am now working on settling into a comfortable summer routine. […]

Well, I started writing this post a month ago with the intention of adding a few details on a lecture I was going to attend and then finishing it up. My original title was “Mid-Points”, but as it is now Week 9 of the final Spring Quarter at RIT, “Home Stretch” seems more appropriate. The […]

My poster and panel presentations at NYCWiC all turned out well. I got good feedback and questions during the poster session and it was great to practice my “elevator pitch”.  The graduate school and career path panels were also very positive.  I enjoyed talking with my co-presenters and we got great questions and comments from […]

Well, I am officially bored with my “<SEASON> <WEEK #> – 3Ps’s” titles. Time to work on title that are more creative/reflect the overall theme of the post. Since my last post, the general theme of my activities has been “traction”. Between research, classes, GSAC, and some side activities, I have a lot of balls in […]

Content Notes What is math notation? – Need to be more explicit if we’re going to automate it: “A natural visual language, frequently adapted by authors for their own purposes.” — quantities, sturctures, operations, relationships Math Expressions have structure – 2+2 – layout (appearance) – 4 pen strokes – operator tree (math syntax) – 3 […]

Well, as I haven’t formally written up my research status since Week 9 of last quarter, I figure it’s time for a bit of catchup.  Rather than my traditional “3P’s” format of focusing on the progress, plans, and problems since my last report, I’m going to consider my overall  current status. Research From a research […]

Progress Week 9 was singularly focused on completing and submitting the paper to the 2013 SECSE ICSE workshop. I’m relatively pleased with how it came out.  I would have loved to have actual results from a formal analysis o the available literature, but it was the right decision to not rush that process.  In the […]

Progress Well, Week 8 started out more productive (HSRO ISB Form basically done, Discovery project 3 done, on track for the workshop paper, etc.), and then degraded rapidly when my horse stopped eating on Thursday morning.  I’ve had a little discussion with him about there being better (and cheaper) ways to get my attention, so […]